Me: Name three of your favorite things.

Erin: The first night of the year that smells cold, train whistles, cats, cheddar cheese, dark / funny movies like The Lobster, hanging out with my grandma, waking up in a new country, the smell of clean laundry. 

Me: That was more than three. 

Erin: I’m bad at math. 

Me: Is it weird to be interviewed by yourself?

Erin: Not as weird as people writing their “About” section in the third person. 

Me: Right? Like, we know you wrote that, hello!

Erin: Exactly. 

Me: So what are some of your accomplishments you want people to know about?

Erin: This is where I should say things like my films have been official selections of HollyShorts, Marfa Film Fest, and LA Shorts, and that I write for Uproxx.com, and that my screenplays have been finalists in the ScreenCraft and Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competitions. Oh, and I won the Gorrell Award for Emerging Writers. And I won beauty pageants back home in Reno. But usually when I say that last part it seems to discredit all the previous stuff in people’s minds. So let me end by saying my work recently got rejected by Tin House, the Sundance Lab, and Short of the Week. They were last round rejections, which are like the “no” that’s a “yes.” So, hooray. 

Me: You’re from Reno? That’s weird.  

Erin: I grew up in a town called Gardnerville nearby Tahoe, and went to college in Reno. I fucking love Reno so don’t say anything about it. 

Me: What’s LA been like for you?

Erin: Wonderful and terrible. For a while I had that job where I sat in a glass box in white underwear at the Standard Hotel. It’s like an LA rite of passage. I made my first vlog while I was in the box. Which got me fired, but they didn’t make me take down the episodes.  

Me: You just sat there? Sounds like a scam. 

Erin: I think it was “art.” The observer being the observed. 

Me: Sounds deep. 

Erin: I’m trying to frame it that way. 

Me: Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Erin: Historical romance novels. Naughty courtesans and dashing knights, that sort of thing.

Me: That’s embarrassing. You shouldn’t tell anyone that. Talk about something else. 

Erin: I interned at Rolling Stone magazine, and published my honors thesis travel narrative and had a marketing job with a corner office and did a bunch of other over-achieving in my 20s.

Me: Then what happened?

Erin: I moved to New Zealand. Then I moved back to Reno for a year and wrote a novel and indulged in a little misspent youth. Then my novel got some attention so I moved to Los Angeles because it seemed better than Reno. I was somewhat correct. Then I wrote a screenplay and it got optioned, then I wrote and shot a pilot and it was developed by a studio. But everything fell apart so everything could fall together, and now I live hood-adjacent with my cat Lady Fluff.

Me: Her name sounds inspired by one of your historical romance novels. 

Erin: It is. 

Me: Anything else you want the world to know?

Erin: Yes. If you can’t be perfect, be fun. And email me at erin.hm.granat@gmail.com. I like to hear from you. Really.