I grew up in the hot/cold heaven of Lake Tahoe, where I rode horses, was editor of the school newspaper, and drove through fields at night with boys in backwards hats.

I studied Journalism in Reno, a sunny place for shady people. I funded my college education with pageant scholarships, interned twice at Rolling Stone magazine, and produced my own travel show funded by the Reno-Tahoe tourism board. Then I moved to New Zealand and wrote about it.

Then I moved back to Reno for a year and wrote a novel and indulged in a little misspent youth.

Then my novel got some attention so I moved to Los Angeles because it seemed better than Reno. I was somewhat correct.

Then I wrote a screenplay and it got optioned, then I wrote and shot a pilot and it was developed by Electus. Along the way I’ve worked absurd jobs, like sitting in a glass box at the Standard Hotel. I made a vlog about how a “box girl” occupies her time, which got me fired.

Now I live in West Adams with a fluffy white cat named Fluffy White Cat.

I like to hear from you. Really.

Make an interweb connection here: erin.hm.granat@gmail.com

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