Catfishing life success.

When I got notice my script Forever Flowers had advanced at the Austin FF Screenplay Competition, I felt like I’d won the lottery. But being there in person a few weeks ago, meeting the writers who’d actually won, I felt dumb for how excited I’d been. But if you don’t celebrate the “no” that’s somewhat a “yes,” then aren’t you perpetually swimming in “blah”?

This picture is not of me. I don’t write topless, nor with a typewriter. I write in ugly sweats with a laptop that’s had a Pilates DVD stuck in it since 2013. But this is social media which is all about presenting the fantasy version of our life so yeah, doesn’t my ass look great in these jeans?



My job as a guerilla indie art promoter.

If you’ve ever wondered what I’m doing when I say my job is handing out free art to the people, check out this article on the Too Far project from SXSW, which explains why it’s “a revolutionary idea in the worlds of literature and publishing…transcends commodification…and is indicative of where literature, publishing and digital content are headed in the years to come.”

This job is the reason I’ve survived in Los Angeles. Thank you Rich Shapero, the man behind the myth, who proves not everyone is obsessed with the bottom line, and some people believe in art for the sake of art.