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Sometimes I like having my picture taken.

This was one of those times.

A few weeks ago, Red Rock Canyon, with the delectable photographer Aaron Glassman.

I look very 90s, because Liv Tyler inspired my wardrobe, and I’m not smiling in any of the photos.

It was a pleasant way to spend a Sunday.

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ARTGASMS: Autumn rain and Death by Disco

This is my writing:


This is a photo I took:

“Death by Disco”

Los Angeles 2013, feat. Bianca


GO SEE: Surf photographer Chris Burkard’s show “Dispatches”

Over the weekend, I went to Gallery 169 in Santa Monica for the opening of Chris Burkard’s show “Dispatches.” Chris is a magician with a lens (he also happens to be my nephew). The show features some of his radical surf photography from around the world, places you don’t usually associate with surfing like Russia and Iceland. He’s a staff photographer for Surfer, shoots for Patagonia and Quicksilver, is a yogi, family man, and all around cool human. Oh, and he just published his THIRD photography book. You might say I’m really proud of him (and inspired by him, and he’s younger than me–sigh!).

Here are just a few of his incredible images, surf and otherwise, check the show at Gallery 169, it’s there til September 21st!


My words, a video, me on my couch.



This is my writing:



This is a video that inspires me: 


This is me on my couch:


(Photographed by David Zayas Jr. / Instagram @dzcs4u)